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A Brief History

The trust was formed on 4th July 2002, by Smt Sawitri Bhatt (W/o Late Pt. Surendra Dutt Bhatt) residence of Village Nakronda Distt. Dehradun.

Whereas the Founder, out of charitable considerations is desirous of creating a Trust in honour of her husband for the purpose of SPIRITUAL & SOCIAL ACTIVITY.

A Short Description

With all blessings of Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba here is short description of making trust for a temple of Shri Sai Nath at village Nakronda, Gullar Ghati Road , in Dehradun District.

Jitendra Dutt Bhatt son of Late Shri Surendra Dutt Bhatt was on employee of drilling displine in ONGC. I spent most of the time in Mehsana Distt. of Gujarat . My mother Later Smt. Savitri Devi, my wife Smt. Sulochana Devi and nephew Rakesh were all my family. Later on a son Vaibhav and daughter added in family. My income was not sufficient as to meet the family demands. I tried to do other jobs as well.

My one friend and colleague Sh. Prasad Ji was too much a devotee of Baba and always carried the well known book “Sai Satcharitra” with him. He was booned with a son after ten years of his marriage. He encouraged to worship Sh.Sai Nath by a friend Sh. J.K. Dass. He devotedly acted upon the advice of Sh.Das and engrossed in Naam Smaran of Baba whole heartedly. And within a year he was blessed with a son. Being together on duty he encouraged me to devote my self to Baba and gave the book “Sai Satcharitra” to read it. I went through the book and returned him. He observed that I was not assured, he than asked me to sincerely tell Baba about my worries.

To meet the family demands I had taken a scheme which on completion would reward me
Rs. 25000/- and to achieve the target only twenty five days remained. I was worried about the time, it was almost not possible to achieve the target, so I bowed down with all respects to his feet earnestly. His ways are not known how he cares for his children. Who comes to him with love. I got what I wished for. It was in 1976-77. Now I longed for his “Darshan” at Shirdi.

My friend Sh. Prasad too was planning for Shirdi, Thus we both with our wives planned and reached Shridi by bus from Surat . We took room, the rent was Rs. Twelve Only. After a night rest we joined the morning puja. This was my first Darshan of Baba, I was stunned and immobile as if something over powered my and tears rolled out of my eyes. I was in bless full situation.

Heither to, thought I am Brahmin, but my karmas were not Brahmanical. But the blessing of Sadguru turned me into a rebirth, and shower of his blessing started flowing to guide my future line.

With his blessing, we five devotees, Sh. Ambalal Panchal, Sh. J.K. Das, Sh. S.M. Prasad, Sh. Satyabir Sood and my self J.D. Bhatt, established a Sai Baba temple in Mehsana. We were only the service men and soon Sh. Natu Bhai Patel joined us and now looking after all activities and requirements of temple along with his tow sons.

I had no idea than that Baba will send me back to my village Nakronda in Distt DehraDun, Uttarakhand.

In 1999 I took voluntary retirement from ONGC. My younger brother Devendra Bhatt was engaged in construction work in Dehradun after his retirement from army.

With his efforts we got a shop in court campus and opened a Photostat PCO and photography shop “Sai Communication” Thus Baba called me here. Here in village Nakronda we all brother inherited some land and a good part of it is situated on Gulhar Ghatti road prominently.

After two years the imagination of a Baba Temple in our village came to me. I consulted Mata Ji and my elder and younger brothers; we all agreed to the idea of a temple and established a “Trust".

Mata Ji started worshiping Baba Ji along with her deity Shri Krishna. One particular prayer she offenly said was "Ram Krishna Hanuman Roop Mein, de darshan chahe jis roop mein"

Once while she was in “Pooja Ghar” she thought about non appearance of Baba in front of his famous posture sitting on rock and from it suddenly there was a beautiful light and Mata ji fainted in awe with a shriek. My wife in kitchen heard it and found Mata Ji as is in sleep. She sprinkled some water but Mata Ji through awakened but remained speechless for quite some time. On my return at home, I came to know that she fainted while worshipping but she did not speak after she got awakened. The reason the told was she was enjoying a blissful situation.

The photo of Baba on rock is with is and demonstrated on Doli twice. An eternal earthen lamp continuous to light in established temple. The construction work going on and increasing number of people are coming to the temple. Thus our whole family has become a Sai devotee. Now a Dutt temple has come into being morning and evening aarti is continuing. “May the devotee of Sai baba be blessed” This I pray to him.

Initial phase: - The area of Mandir Campus is in six and quarter bighas. Its foundation and Nav-kundi Puja was conducted under the supervision of “SHANTI KUNJ” of Haridwar on ---

Present Status: - The under ground digging is completed the pillars and erected. The walls to standing. It is ready for laying first linter. Boundary walls on two sides are complete. After linter the, Garbh Griha construction shall take place. The baths and lavatories are ready to use.

Future: - The devotees are coming increasingly day by day to seek his blessings and feel peace. I and our families imagine a beautiful emergence of Baba's statue in the temple and accommodation for people coming from far distances to stay overnight. Because this is a for off place in village Nakronda from city.

It is this way to arrange the things to come. It is how suddenly that a baba devoted architect and construction engineer joined the project, is very surprising.

A Dream Come True of
Village, Nakronda Gullar Ghatti Road
Distt. Dehradun -248001


President Late Shri Jitendra Dutt Bhatt with Trustee Shri Devendra Dutt Bhatt at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Construction Site at Village Nakronda

Construction Site Of
Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
at Nakronda village.






Registered under Society Act 1860 and under Income Tax Act 12A and 80G.

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